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Farscape (15)
Dollhouse (12)
Lost (15)
Better off Ted (05)

Clickety Click

Feb. 11th, 2010

-credit isisizabel if used

One Tree Hill (1-20)
Leverage (21-22)
Merlin (23-52)
Legend of the Seeker (53-62)
Farscape (63-82)
General Hospital (83-93)
NCIS: Los Angeles (94-101)


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Important Notce (Off-Topic)

I saw this posted in another community:

Recently many of the large communities on LJ have been hacked and malware/viruses have been posted in entries to the community. After the person hacks the community, they post an entry claiming that the community is closing down and provide links to new sites. These sites contain malware, keyloggers and viruses. Do not click on them.

The only people who would post ANYTHING about this community's status would be your mods. Under no circumstances will this community be closing. If you see a post that says something like this, please immediately contact a moderator and let them know. If you see a post of any other kind that makes you suspicious, contact the mods. If it is a mod's journal that gets hacked, hang on and let the other mods deal with LJ and get things back under control.

Here are some things you can do to protect your personal journal from hacking:
*Clear out any email addresses you no longer use from LJ's records.
*Have a strong password. Don't base it on your email or username or anything someone could find out. Make them long and random, with numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters. Consider changing it on a regular basis.
*Set a secret question so that LJ can help you regain access to your account if anything happens.

55 Assorted J/A and Farscape icons

So, with a bit of a sudden inspiration, I tried toying with some icons, and am curious how they turned out. I'm not even sure how I got so many, really. This was my first Farscape icon batch, so it's a little bit random, alongside the Crichton/Aeryn

Spoilers for all episodes featured

55 Farscape icons

Season 1: Family Ties
Season 2: A Clockwork Nebari
Season 3: Season of Death

Spoilers for Family Ties, A Clockwork Nebari, and Season of Death


BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: 44 icons (from part 2 of the miniseries); 1 banner (six)
FARSCAPE: 36 icons (from part 2 of the peacekeeper wars); 1 desktop (john&aeryn)

h e r e .

Icons from Part 1 of The Peacekeeper Wars

33 icons; Battlestar Galactica (from part 1 of The Miniseries).
72 icons; Farscape (from part 1 of The Peacekeeper Wars). (Lots of John/Aeryn, because they are ahm, awesome.

h e r e .

Sarah Connor Chronicles [Spoilers to S2; Cameron, John]
Saving Grace [Grace]
OZ [Convicts of OZ]
SGA [John, Rodney, Mcshep]
Firefly [Mal, Inara, Wash/Zoe, Booke, River]
Flapjack [Flapjack, Captain K'nuckles, and Bubbie]
BSG [Number Six and ...Baltar]
Comic [Ricstar, Rictor, Shattarstar. Dani/Xi'an, Nate/Maddie]
DW [Rose and Donna]
Farscape [Chiana, Zhaan, Aeryn and John]
Manips [Rodney/Chiana--Yeah, I wrote that right]
Headers [Karstar, Maddie/Nate, Rose/Donna, Jubilee/Jono]

to see the rest
Title: Caught Off Guard
Author: hopefulnebula
Rating: PG-13 or so, for non-explicit sexual situations
Pairings: Aeryn/Crichton, Aeryn/other male characters, but in the historic and canonical sense. If you're truly allergic, you can skip parts 6 and 7.
Summary: Ten times Aeryn Sun was caught off guard, and one time she did the catching.
Disclaimer: I own several things. Farscape isn't one of them. I'm making no profits from this.
Spoilers: Whole series, through Peacekeeper Wars.

In one of her earliest clear memories, Aeryn is six cycles, and she is being pinned face-down to the ground by Weitan, the bully of her age group.


Sept. 7, 2008 - ICONS

You know the drill: credit me - [info]isisizabel - if you snag these. Kindly don't alter them, and do save them to your own server as I have a habit of randomly deleting pics from my photobucket account.

12 - Prison Break (Michael & Sara)
12 - Gossip Girl
19 - Criminal Minds
28 - The Tudors
31 - Farscape


MORE HERE @ isisizabel </span>